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Ice Cream, Silver Hats, and a Spaceship

On our way back from Springfield and our visit to the Lincoln Presidential Museum, we stopped at one of those "antique malls" that seem to be at every exit on I-55 in Illinois. The reason we stopped at this one was because we saw a giant ice cream cone, and a space ship. Yes, a space ship in the middle of miles of farm files in the middle of Illinois. How could we not stop? And despite the fact that it was the middle of the afternoon on a Monday, the place was surprisingly open! And full of...mostly useless and moldy things. By that time the Perfect Child just wanted to go home, so she stayed in the car while Klown, Tater and I walked the entire 5,000-acre "antique mall." I saw nothing really unique, except a giant silver hat. I thought maybe it went with the space ship.

The inside of the antique mall wasn't the fun part. The outside was. There was a transplanted ice cream store, that had been put on a foundation and looked to be ready for business once the warm weather came. There was also a frozen treat stand, not hooked up to anything, that looked like something out of a fairy tale. Then there was the space ship. The guy inside the antique mall said that they used to have these outside a brand of gas station. That could be, but I don't remember them. For a cool $48K we could have taken it with us. It was big enough to have served as a tiny apartment or more likely a family/rec/party room. Would have been nifty in the back yard here, but the price was a little steep for my wallet. And how could we forget about the giant undressed man, wearing nothing but blue shorts? Yes, it was taller than the building. And next to it was the front half of grey plastic elephant, just shy of life-size. I guess I'm glad it wasn't the back end of the elephant instead.

This pit stop was the perfect ending to our nice day trip.



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