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And Life Goes On...

We've now been here just over two weeks.  We are still in love with this place called Colorado.  If you haven't been checking out the 365-Degree blog, you should be!!  I post pictures every day of things we see or do.  Most of the last couple of weeks have been pictures from here.  I drive to work every morning and am just in awe of my view.  First I pass some farms and ranching operations (once I'm out of town).  It is hay season now, and there are hay bales of every shape and size appearing in fields along my driving route.  Some are small and square, small and rectangular, small and round, and then the big-daddies of them all, the giant round ones wrapped in some sort of shiny membrane.  The odd thing is to see a field full of small bales next to a field full of large bales.  Then I get into the foothills, and there are stands of trees (mostly aspen but some Spanish olive and lots of weeping willows) and giant red boulders of granite and the sun glinting off the windows of houses high up in the hills. 

There has been enough rain here that everything is green and beautiful.  We are in the very middle of summer here, which means it will start cooling off in another three weeks or so.  We have temperatures in the 90's, but by bedtime it is in the 70's and not unusual to wake up to temperatures in the 50's.  The humidity is so low that even 95 degrees doesn't feel awful, just a bit of warm.  I don't have to use the air conditioner in the car in the morning, and only use it on low on the way home at night.  This is the kind of weather I've been waiting all my life for.  I do not sweat, or if I do, it passes quickly, and my hot flashes still happen but are a lot less annoying and seem to have a shorter duration.  

This is hot air balloon territory; every morning I see balloons cruising eastward from the mountains.  I'm not sure where they are taking off from, but there they are, floating lazily in the morning haze, toward the rising sun.  Someday, I want to take a hot air balloon ride.  Imagine what I would see from up there!

When we entered Colorado, the sign said "welcome to colorful Colorado."  This is so true.  The mountains are dark green and red granite, and the foothills are green and gold and brown.  The buildings built of granite are red and brown, but the houses are painted in colorful shades of purple, grass green, yellow, and pink.  The sky is the bluest of blue, and sometimes dotted with white, purple, or grey clouds. The sunsets after a rain are pink and blue and purple.  The women wear colorful skirts and tops, and I've seen some of the most fabulous purses and totebags everywhere I turn.  I felt positively drab in my jeans and black pullover the other day. 

Life has been good so far.  A few bumps in the road, like suddenly needing to pay out of pocket for a new windshield for the wagon, and having to buy a window air conditioner for the house when it just got too warm during the day for Klown and the girls.  But there have been positives too; I've managed to buy a houseful of furniture for under $400, and with a small amount of work the ratty front yard is starting to transform into something attractive and welcoming.  I've discovered the joy of customer cards from the grocery store and the local Ace hardware, and have met some of the most friendly and helpful people.  Our town is big enough to have what we need, without being so big that it has no personality.  And, I've already been bumped at work from 32 hours a week to 40, which means a bigger paycheck.  It couldn't come at a better time, as we've burned through most of our savings and I'm going to need those paychecks to pay the bills come August.  Klown has not found work yet, but there have been some decent prospects, and the Perfect Child is looking too. 

I have had a pang or two of homesickness, but mostly just worried about Stinky Boy and my family and not wanting them to worry about us.  This was a huge leap of faith, moving west to a house we hadn't seen, in a neighborhood we didn't know, without a family safety net to back us up.  But so far, I don't regret the decision to move, and I am happy.  I don't know if I'll ever get tired of the view of the mountains.  I'm told by coworkers that they haven't gotten tired of them, and they've been her for 15 years, 25 years, even 30 years.  I am home.  :)



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