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My Grandma

The other day as I was unpacking things and putting them away, I ran across memories.  This happens often, as I keep a lot of things because of "memories," but this was a memory very old and almost forgotten.

I had used parts of my Grandma Helen's UFO, unfinished object, a flower garden quilt, to cushion my serger for transport to Colorado.  Most of this UFO is in pieces, small little hexagons all tied together.  As I was taking all of these pieces out to put them into a bin for safekeeping, I ran across my grandmother's crochet hook.  Oh, she had more than one, of course, but this one I knew was hers.  It had a piece of foam wrapped around the handle, taped with masking tape.  
Grandma's Crochet Hook
My grandmother died young, in her early 60's.  She had been unwell in her later years, and I have distressing memories of her in those last years.  She didn't want to give up her crochet, but her debilitating series of illness, including strokes, heart problems, and a tenuous diagnoses of multiple sclerosis, had made it hard for her to hold the hook any longer.  This was before ADA and the ready availability of products for those with mobility impairments.  Gramma was a smart cookie; she invented her own adaptive crochet hook.

It's because of my grandmother that I love to crochet.  It is because of my grandmother that I love to sew.  It is because of my grandmother that I still have my "Miss Rose" doll (actually, she was a "Tammy" doll - Barbie's older plumper) with all of the clothes that my grandmother made for her, including a crocheted green and white wool skating outfit complete with beret, jacket, and flared skirt.  

Running across this crochet hook (size G) was a wonderful memory to be reawakened.  I think if I think hard enough I can picture my grandmother working with her modified hook, probably on an afghan or a granny square.  I still have the granny square hat she made me when I was barely a teenager.  It's still my favorite hat.



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